Reading “SEO for 2016”

A Recent book I read

Since we are all about reading on this website, I thought I would share a book with you all that I recently read! Last post I talked about the importance of reading and writing in the language that is read by search, and I have continued by research (as I always am) and wanted to share with you the results. The book I have read is called “SEO 2016.” You can find this book on Amazon

This book is all inclusive, it covers all of googles updates, strategies, common technical problems and more. I was glad for the update section as well as the strategies. I always enjoy that it is in the kindle format and if you have the “kindle unlimited” plan (as I do!) you can check out up to 10 books at a time and this one qualifies for that program. It is not available on overdrive (the e-book library system) so this is your best bet for getting to read it “free”.

The author is an expert at getting pages to rank to the #1 spot so I really trust his opinion. Free information is so readily available all over the internet but you really have to begin questioning the source. What is their track record? Do they have any proven success or results? Do they have legitimate authority? These are all good questions to ask yourself when trusting an “expert” or the writer of an article.

Other Experts

In this case, I am not an expert (though I hope to become one) but rather I am reporting on the expertise I have found of others. And even though you may trust me, or other bloggers you follow, I always caution to check citations and do your “due diligence” to make sure you are truly following trusted information. In this case, I would recommend reading the book.

I would also recommend hiring a seo expert who has had much experience ranking websites. I can only recommend one that I trust: – Scottsdale SEO
Derek has been a trusted resource and reference for us as we begin to navigate the treacherous waters of internet marketing! I am joking, its not as bad as it sounds! Actually the water’s fine when you are ranking #1! So contact a seo expert you trust, or click on the link above for my recommendation, Derek Abello SEO.

Never stop your quest for more information! This is my motto. You must learn what is working now and not be upset when it changes. Keep creating great content and articles that will be read and enjoyed, used and trusted for years to come. Google will see your relevance and rank you accordingly.

How to READ (and write) the language of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

What does SEO even mean?

SEO simply means “Search Engine Optimization”

When you go on to google and find an article or blog to read, you likely found it because it had first been optimized well for search engines. As you can see this is quite important. No one ever searches past page one of google. Just think, if you were searching for “a way to read faster” how often do you find yourself looking at the search results on page 8? The answer is never. So you can see how imperative it is to optimize all you write extremely well. As writers and readers, this is a language we must master.

Some people have been known to follow sketchy SEO practices to try and “game the system” and unnaturally get their articles posted higher. I wanted to mention this early on in the article so make sure that you do not try and do this. It is a mistake and can cause you site to be penalized by google. Google uses an algorithm where it crawls the content of your site and indexes it. If it finds you seem to be knowledgeable about certain key words than you will rank for them very well.

To learn more about what is working well we in 2015, we interviewed “SEO Company Scottsdale” which is a Scottsdale, SEO company owned by Derek Abello. Here is what Derek and his team had to tell us:

“Google is looking for sites that have engaging content that is new constantly. It doesn’t like to display articles from 10 years ago because they are likely not as relevant as ones that were written recently. We also know that google wants mobile optimized sites. Just recently, as of April, google announced that it would be penalizing sites that did not show well on mobile phones. If you want to test your site and see if it passes google test, they have provided a free mobile website test here

Google also wants pages that are loading quickly. If you site is bogged down with pictures or other content that is making it run slowly you will be less likely to show well in search results. Google also has a test for that too so, it’s called the page speed test.”

When you are writing your article you will want to learn how to properly label your article. You want it to be engaging and interesting but you also want it to read well for google’s algorithm. The way to do this is make sure the title on your site as well as the title on your article or blog (called the H1 tags) are using the keywords you want to rank for, so that google knows what your site is about. Remember it’s not a real person reading the article, it’s just a computer so be sure and label your titles well.

Also label your pictures (alt tags) and fill out the meta tag form at the bottom of every blog post. You are helping out the google algorithm to know what your want your site to rank for, as well as you are getting a say in what it will show up in search for.

Speed writer

Hello readers!

I’m so excited you have found me here, and are looking to have your reading comprehension skyrocket. I will be posting more here soon; however, since I have just started I am a lover of speed reading and business speed reading not necessarily speed writing.  That being said my first post is thin, but I will post again shortly. Please come back in a few days.